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Inner Child Healing
Your childhood may have been happy with loving supportive parents and a healthy environment in which to thrive or it may have been dysfunctional, damaging and unloving. But whatever your past story is, it does reflect your life today and shapes your relationships, self belief and outlook on life.
An inner child healing session is an opportunity for you to explore patterns and issues that are deeply rooted in your past and presenting themselves in your life today and help you break free from limiting beliefs or behaviours. Once clarity and healing has occurred a new sense of purpose unfolds and life then starts to feel more natural, happy, fun, creative, loving and open.

Indications for Inner Child Healing

 Feeling lost or lonely
 People pleasing
 Swinging from anger to passivity
 Unable to speak your truth or ask for what you want
 Feel ashamed or guilty
 Judgemental of yourself or other people
 Self defeating beliefs or self talk
 Trying to fix others and upset when they don’t want your help
 Unable to share love and intimacy with friends, family or partners
 Controlling and fearful
 Unwanted habits
 Shyness
 Out of touch with feelings in the body or emotions
 Fear new situations or keep repeating your ‘story’ and woes from the past

What you can expect
Ann-Marie is skilled in the process of guiding you to connect with the child within and help he or she to express their needs, wants and feeling with truth and authenticity. Once this connection is made to the inner child a new process starts, to re-parent the child in a loving, healthy and honouring way.
For many, self expression was squashed as a child and the true essence and spirit was unable to be heard or seen. Once a new sense of freedom has been experienced the grown up adult can now emerge from the chrysalis and be free to fly and enjoy the nectar of life.
1hr session – £65


I’d reached a point in my life where I knew I had issues relating to my childhood that were holding me back and restricting my quality of life, causing me to carry a knot of anxiety around in my stomach… I saw Ann-Marie over a period of time and she helped me to address my fears and look at and heal my past in a serene and safe environment. My relationships began to change and I became happier, stronger with more sense of myself and the world around me and this in turn enabled me to let go and trust life. Furthermore as I cast off the shackles of my past I feel more contented, self sufficient and happier than I ever believed possible. I no longer experience the panic, fear and hopelessness of the past as I now have a set of coping mechanisms to support me. Ann-Marie has been a huge support, loving, encouraging friend and true inspiration to me. I no longer have a knot of fear in my stomach – instead I feel butterflies of excitement and life is expanding and getting better and better’. Julie x

 In presence

“You are given the gifts of the gods; you create your reality according to your beliefs. Yours is the creative energy that makes the world. There are no limitations to the self, except those you believe in” Jane Roberts