What are Angels?White feather

Angels are beautiful beings of light and direct messengers from God – they love unconditionally.
Angels are not selective but there for everyone without exception. You can easily start to feel their love and support around you, all you have to do is ask. Many people experience Angel ‘messages’, insight and wisdom but don’t always trust what they feel or even believe what they are experiencing and just brush it off as a ‘coincidence’ but as you open up and are willing to connect with your Angels they will start to connect with you. It may be a gut feeling, a knowing, a feather appearing before your very eys or just the right words from a song or book… sound familiar!

So do come and connect and let Ann-Marie help you to open up your light to receive the love and support they offer so willingly.

What is an Angel Reading?

Ann-Marie has learnt how to be free of resistance and can therefore open up with ease and connect with the Angels. She will sit with you and creates a calm and tranquil space for you to relax and have time for reflection. Ann-Marie receives channelled messages through inspiration, cards and writing. These message come from pure love and are not about telling you what to do but about inspiring you to grow and find inner peace. The messages are clear and honest and will tune into your soul.
There is an opportunity to share your feelings and discuss any issues that may have come up for you.

What are the benefits of receiving an angel reading?Angels 035

• Assists in releasing physical, mental and emotional pain
• Assists in changing behaviour patterns and dissolves blocks
• Promotes healthy mind, body and spirit
• Empowers and boost self confidence
• Soothes and transforms memories from the past
• Helps you focus and get clarity in your life and soul purpose
• Helps raise your personal energy vibration
• Helps bring about a deep feeling of peace and relaxation
• Give comfort at difficult times due to trauma, anxiety or fear
• Connect you to your higher power and your own Angels

Angel Readings & Healing Pricing

1hr – One to one channelled reading – £40


Ann-Marie’s Experience of Angels

My first experience of Angels was back in 2005. I started attending a local meditation and psychic development group. Sarah Cox, who was running the group worked with Angels (unbeknown to me). She started bringing Angel meditations into the group and before I knew it I was starting to feel something quite amazing.

Each time I went to the group the love and support I was feeling became stronger and stronger and I knew this was something completely new to me – because what I was feeling was pure unconditional love. It blew me away!!! I soon began to actually believe what was happening to me and started to trust this loving guidance. My life began to change and more importantly my heart began to open to receive this beautiful and divine love.

I soon started to feel Angels in my life on a regular basis and then tentatively began giving Angel readings. Some years later I trained with The Sanctuary of Angels and became a ‘qualified’ Angel Healer and Therapist.

 “To Love is human. To feel Pain is human. Yet to still Love despite the Pain is pure Angel”
~ Rumi ~

“I absolutely knew without a shadow of a doubt that the Angelic presence was truly there… I felt as though I had a massif release and healing during the session. My oh my – I felt as though a huge weight had been lifted straight away from my heart area– and then – over the following few days, I felt my absolute Joy and Freedom return, (a feeling I once had but lost somehow)!… Your gift is truly a blessing to all Ann-Marie and I know that it’s going to serve humanity in a very beautiful way… Thank you – Anita