Turn over a new leafSOULFUL MENTORING – A heart Centered and  Empowering Approach for Deep and Lasting Change.

Today is a new day, are you ready to turn over a new leaf?

The gentle, loving approach to your freedom – creating the best of you and the best of life now regardless of your ‘problem’, ‘issue’ or situation! Come and join Ann-Marie and awaken to your natural bliss! Ann-Marie knows how easy it is to get lost in the array of therapies, workshops and healing modalities. She also knows that her greatest awareness came in remembering who she really was and not the story that she had unknowingly created over the years.roots and fruit

Today she stands strong in her own authenticity and knows that in her vulnerability lays her strength and that she has chosen to shine her light and be a beacon for others, just like the one that she followed in times of despair and pain. To remember that in her alignment to the infinite source, she is eternally safe, loved and boundless. Ultimately she has come to remember she is an eternal being in a human body, creating the world she wishes for. Her true passion is to enable others to come home too and remember the true power within. To live a joyous, healthy and loving life to its fullest potential.

In her melting pot of training over the years she has establish a strong core message and supports many individuals of all ages, from all walks of life. The qualifications have been the trunk of the tree but the roots came from searching deep within her soul to remember who she really was. The branches then were able to reach high into the sky and grow new bunds and leaves and ultimately bare fruits so blissful and beyond anything she could have imagined.

How Ann-Marie Can Help You – wherever you are is where you are! So coming to peace with that is the first step – this is called acceptance and this take the pressure off  being oh so perfect! We can then start to look at what it is that is blocking your natural joy, health and abundanceDance-1569 and then move towards what it is you would like to have, feel or be instead. Your ‘symptoms’ may be fear, lack of self esteem, stress, illness, depression, anxiety, a phobia, feeling less than, anger, stuck, unable to set boundaries, people pleasing, addiction, sadness or you may be going through a divorce, break down of a relationship, exams, a spiritual awakening, someone dying, bereavement or loss. But these symptoms are NOT who you are! They are just a result of you lack of alignment to source and your true being and therefore in a moment of awareness you can come back home. Ann-Marie can’t ‘fix you’ as you are not broken – but she will see you as whole and in so doing release a spark that will ignite your true essence and passion to be reborn. She uses various techniques and 15yrs of practise and knows without any doubt that you can change from where you are. Sound good? Then let’s do it!

Consultation Fees: £65 per hour – Under 16’s £45

The Melting Pot:

Diploma in Holistic Therapies (Massage, Reflexology, Reiki, Anatomy & Physiology)

Diploma in Indian Head Massage

Diploma in Sports Massage

NLP Practitioner – Evolution Training

Integrated Hypnotherapist – Isis School of Integrated Hypnotherapy

Angel Healer/Therapist – with Sanctuary of Angels

Multi Faith Minister – the Vale Ministry

Accredited Facilitator for Penny Brohn Cancer Charity UK

‘I’d reached a point in my life where I knew I had issues relating to my childhood that were holding me back and restricting my quality of life, causing me to carry a knot of anxiety around in my stomach…   I saw Ann-Marie over a period of time and she helped me to address my fears and look at and heal my past in a serene and safe environment. My relationships began to change and I became happier, stronger with more sense of myself and the world around me and this in turn enabled me to let go and trust life. Furthermore as I cast off the shackles of my past I feel more contented, self sufficient and happier than I ever believed possible. I no longer experience the panic, fear and hopelessness of the past as I now have a set of coping mechanisms to support me. Ann-Marie has been a huge support, loving, encouraging friend and true inspiration to me. I no longer have a knot of fear in my stomach – instead I feel butterflies of excitement and life is expanding and getting better and better’.   Julie x

The Search Is Over

When the search is over …
there is peace
there is a stillness so deep
and a heart light and free
When the search is over…
you breathe the deepest breath
and smile the sweetest smile
seeing only beauty in the eyes of your fellow man
When the search is over…
you come home
and rest in the light of the world
anew and glistening in divine delight
When the search is over…
you know the beloved
and always will
the sweetest surrender with nowhere to go….
Ann-Marie – June 2014

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